I’m sure you’re all wondering who the Sugar and Dice team are, so today, in alphabetical order, I’m going to tell you!


Hello world! I am a born-and-bred Liverpudlian and a self-confessed board game geek. My adventure into the wonderful world of games started at a young age when my father and grandfather would regularly demolish me in countless games of Chess. After realising that I couldn’t beat them at their own game, I decided to take up a new game instead – Go – which entrenched itself firmly as one of my all-time favourites. The thing I love most about board games is the inherent ability of the hobby to bring people together around a table and experience a wealth of emotions collectively, from sheer joy as your hard-fought plans finally pay off, right through to the anguish when it doesn’t. There are games for any and all occasions and I’m hoping to share my love and passion of games with you all! Outside of games, I love learning foreign languages, cooking, dancing, singing and playing guitar, I’m still trying to come up with ways to combine all of the above into some epic Sugar & Dice event! I hope to get you around one of our tables having fun soon!

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I love to play roller derby with the Liverpool Roller Birds – my skate name is “Button Doom”. Don’t be surprised if you come in and I’m covered in bruises… Those girls hit hard!! I had a go at bee-keeping until I realised I had an immense fear of bees –oops! I also take part in Tudor re-enactments and I like to play the ukulele, piano, flute and recorder. I also love animals and games with an animal theme. For example ‘Zooloretto’ has a panda on the box, ‘Takenoko’ which involves feeding a panda and ‘Dixit’ – as the playing pieces are bunnies! I come from a family obsessed with food so I’ve been brought up cooking and baking from a very young age. I trained and worked as a Food Technology teacher, then perfected my skills as a professional cake baker… So come by, play some games and taste my ‘life-changing’ rocky road!

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I was brought up in one of those weird families that didn’t have a Game Boy or a Nintendo, in fact we never even had a microwave. My family would spend hours and hours playing with a deck of cards or fighting over Monopoly. Finally, a few years ago I realised that there are literally thousands of board games out there. Now I get to be a bean farmer, collect cucumbers and cure deadly diseases at my living room table surrounded by a group of lovely, smiling people. In other news, my main hobby is eating, so I can promise you a lot of thought and tasting sessions have gone into creating our menu. I also love Rock ‘n’ Roll dancing, playing the ukulele and I’m currently trying to grow peas and tomatoes – I’d love to be self-sufficient one day and own a white piglet. My dream is to make Sugar and Dice a place for people to pop in for a few hours to be transported back to ‘the good old days’ by connecting with each other and having a laugh whilst eating the most amazing cakes ever. I can’t wait to meet you all 🙂

Who is behind Sugar and Dice?
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2 thoughts on “Who is behind Sugar and Dice?

  • June 8, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    Wow!!! I’m overwhelmed by your creativity. Best and best of luck. Hope it expands and grow bigger and bigger with all sorts of new inventions and ideas. Can’t wait to visit with my family. Well done guys

    • June 10, 2016 at 4:56 pm

      Awww, thank you my lovely sister! Can’t wait for you all to come to Liverpool 🙂

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