TUkgamesexpohis weekend, 3-5th June, is a very special weekend indeed. Board gamer enthusiasts across the UK (and some from even further afield) will be making the holy pilgrimage to Birmingham for this year’s UK Games Expo. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, this is the UK’s largest hobby games convention and attendance is expected to exceed 10,000 people. Three of these will be Team Sugar & Dice!

There seems to be a million and one things while you’re there – checking out the 150+ exhibitors, playing a giant game of Catan, a multitude of different games tournaments (we might actually enter the Splendor tournament ourselves!) and even a bring-and-buy for a chance to find some rare or bargain games!

We’re especially looking forward to meeting some UK games designers such as John Yianni and get our hands on his new two-player dragon-duelling game, Tatsu. We absolutely adore his game, Hive, which is a staple in our suitcase whenever we go travelling. Despite its tiny size, its depth of play keeps us coming back for more. We’re also on the look out for Andy Allen, designer of another abstract strategy game for 2-3 players called Hexagony. The game won the award for Best Abstract Game in last year’s Expo and we can see why!

We’re going to be mega busy over the next few days checking out the latest and greatest in the tabletop world so be sure to follow us on facebook/twitter/instagram and the hashtag #sugaranddice for updates on our escapades!

Off to the UK Games Expo 2016
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