So most of you out there have probably had to look for a new home at one time or another; whether it was university accommodation, moving out of the family home or even finding a new place to live abroad. And if not, how about trying to find the right hotel to stay at during your last holiday? Either way, I’m sure you can remember how hard it is trying to find that perfect place.

Your Sugar and Dice Team have moved all over the world before we settled in the lovely city of Liverpool, so we know it’s a struggle, but imagine searching for that perfect venue for your dream café! Let’s just say that it feels like a full-time job where you have no control at all over the outcome. We’ve been searching since the beginning of the year. Now it’s already August and we have found a venue, but we are still waiting for the go-ahead. It’s been very stressful over the past months as one place after the other fell through.

The first place we found back in January was an enormous basement – we could have fit around 200 people inside with a huge kitchen, kids play area with huge board games, relaxing section for people who just want to chill on sofas and read books… To cut a long story short, we went for the property and suddenly the price shot up. Then there was talk of creating another basement underneath ours. Then apparently the building had been set ablaze a few years ago… We loved the place and the location, but we just didn’t trust the owner or the Estate Agents who sometimes took weeks to get back to us. So it was back to Square One.

Next we found the perfect place. It was a great size, amazing location and already in a good condition. We immediately went for it, but there seemed to be a lot of competition. The landlord was hard to get hold of, so for months we waited patiently, hoping we would get the venue. One day the landlord said yes, the next he said we were his second choice, then he was worried because we were a start-up company, then about three months of waiting, we were suddenly told the landlord had decided to rent it to his friend. Apparently this had been the plan all along, we were just made to hang around waiting to find that out.

Some of the properties we've seen need quite a lot of work...
Some of the properties we’ve seen need quite a lot of work…

It’s exasperating. We have looked at so many places. Most had no flooring, no toilets, no rooms, no radiators or heating. The last one we looked at was a great space, but the previous tenant had gone bankrupt and just decided in anger to trash the whole place. Every single wire in the building had been cut, the floor tiles had been smashed, the walls had holes axed into them… We’ve seen places where mould grows like mushrooms bigger than the size of my face, stepped into weird green gunk growing on floors, jumped in surprise as abandoned shops had pigeons living inside…

And then finally we found a venue once again that we loved. The location is fab, the area is lovely and there is lots of parking nearby too. It is a tad on the small size, but we can work with that and will make it cosy. We just want to have a place we can call Sugar and Dice Café and we hope we’ve finally found it! Excitingly, the landlord is happy for us to move in immediately, so we are working on all the paperwork and should have news for you by the 24th of August! So we are just going to need you all to cross your fingers and toes and everything else for us. We are nervous, terrified, preparing and mostly excited for our new adventure to begin. Here’s hoping I can give you a venue address soon! 🙂

Finding a Venue
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