Christmas time is all about coming together with loved ones and all that jazz. We all have those memories of gathering around the table after eating far too much turkey and playing traditional classics like Monopoly and Scrabble. Half-way through the game, the arguments start and components going flying across the room.

Here is a list of our 5 favourite games to get you together around a table and having some giggles. We have them in stock too, so come and grab them quick before Santa takes them all!


1) Cash ‘n’ Guns – Are you tired of your family taking all your money? Have you been eyeing up that heirloom? Is it time to settle that family feud once and for all? In this game you get to recreate a Mexican standoff and try and get all of the loot for yourself, from money and diamonds to famous art paintings, whilst choosing carefully which of your family members to shoot at with foam guns. Hilarious fun!


2) Obama Llama – We’ve all done Charades and Pictionary, but here is a brand new party game taking the world by storm! By UK designers Big Potato, it’s a team game where you have thirty seconds to find words that rhyme with other words, for example Obama rhymes with Llama… Can you find the RHYME in TIME?


3) Coup – Everyone takes on a secret identity as you try to deceive your fellow players and try and deduce what everyone else is up to. The game will have you bluffing and lying, so make sure to practice your best poker face! The game takes less than ten minutes, but once you start you won’t be able to stop.


4) Carcassonne – You place tiles in order to build the Medieval city of Carcassonne. The game play is very simple: All you do is draw a tile and then place a tile. Occasionally you will place a ‘meeple’ (pawn) on your tile to get points. It’s a firm Sugar and Dice favourite and we even have a Junior version available for the little people in your life.


5) Codenames – This game won the boardgame Oscars of the year and for good reason! A wonderful group game where you have to give crypic clues to your team members and try to connect words without giving too much away to your opponents. We’ve written about this game here and have created many happy family moments, mostly including the word ‘ham’.


Sugar and Dice’s Top 5 Games for Family Christmas Fun

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