So by now you probably know that we have a board game collection of over 200 games and we’ve played them all. There are certainly games we love to pieces and others that will mostly likely not be played again, but today I will tell you about the first game ever to literally give me goosebumps.


We had been eyeing up T.I.M.E Stories for a while now, but you can only play it once and then you know how the whole story pans out, so you can’t play it ever again. Plus it’s over £30, so for a one-off experience it’s quite pricey. However, it’s totally worth it. I’ve been gutted at the spoilers for recent episodes of GoT (Game of Thrones) Episodes and I don’t want to ruin T.I.M.E Stories for you so I can’t say too much about what happens in the actual game, but I can’t recommend this enough – everyone we know who’s played it has a new favourite game!

The best way to explain how the game works is for you to imagine a mix-up of Doctor Who and a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ book. You are assigned a role and are then transported back into history for an adventure. You have a deck of cards that dictate the story and depending on where you choose to move your characters and what they decide to do in different situations, the game proceeds. You have to make good decisions and quickly, as the whole mission is timed. The less moves it takes, the better your score at the end. Needless to say, the game is hard! We didn’t even come close to finishing on our first run through the mission, but according to the reviews, that’s normal. All you do is reset the deck of cards and start the mission once again, this time armed with the knowledge of how to save time and complete the mission faster and what routes you took that were a complete waste of time and can be avoided.

It’s one of those games that you can’t stop thinking about. There are so many different outcomes and journeys in the one game and while all this is going on you also have to figure out clues and cryptic messages. It’s the only game where I’ve screamed out ‘OMG’ one moment and my whole body got goosebumps the next. It’s incredible! A game like no other I’ve ever played with such twists and turns that days later we are still talking about it. Including the one inside the box called ‘Asylum’ where you time-travel to an asylum in 1921, there are four official stories available and annoyingly the second story is currently between prints so we can’t get our hands on it! ARGH!

The good news for you is that it’s going to be available at Sugar and Dice to play! It took us 5 hours to play and it has a clever game insert box where you can ‘save’ the game easily at any point of the story.  I’m a little bit sad to confess that we failed the mission in the end, but it was an amazing roller coaster ride and I can’t wait to play more!


T.I.M.E Stories
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