Have you ever tried to come up with a good name for something? Maybe that new pet goldfish you won at the fair? I struggle to come up with a good pub quiz team name, let alone the name of a new business. We would decide on one name and the next day it wouldn’t feel right and then all of a sudden we found an even better name… It literally took months. However it was definitely worth the wait. Unable to sleep one night, an idea popped up out of the blue and so Sugar and Dice was born!

We actually thought the hardest part was over, but then we realised we would need a logo. And that logo would need colours, a funky font and a little mascot for extra cuteness (his name is Albert by the way, but more on him soon). The list just went on and on.

It took us 6 hours to come up with the end result. We got a professional designer to sit down with us and we all drew a mind map with multiple branches of words, ideas, images, famous game pieces etc. We realised we wanted something that was easy to read, but with a few board game symbols included. Bit by bit, one letter at a time we turned, twisted, poked and played until we got the end result.


Phew! But that’s not where it ends. Oh no! We then had to find a font we liked. Then colours. We tried so many different colour combinations, but in the end we just loved the blue-orange retro look. It’s reflects our vision for the café – to take you back to the good old days when people weren’t glued to their mobiles all day, but would gather around a table for a game or two, have a natter and eat some delicious homemade cakes. That’s what we are all about!

Sugar and Dice… And Everything Nice!

Our First Challenge
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